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Using the highest quality products is just as critical as the window tint installation itself. ​Using a sub-par product can result in re-work or a shorter life of the product. At NuVue, we trust ASWF and its lineup of high-quality window films to all of our customers. Their name is a global icon in our industry and is second to none when it comes to quality.

American Standard Window Film offers a full line of window films for the residential, commercial, and automotive markets at their new factory located in Las Vegas, Nevada. The ASWF leadership team and their vast experience in window film manufacturing have provided the opportunity for customized new machinery creating increased production efficiency, faster turnaround times and greater cleanliness resulting in superior product quality offered at a competitive price. One of the unique innovations that increase production efficiency is their inline-three coating head with an automated rewind system. ASWF is the only manufacturer in the world with this type of system. ASWF is at the forefront of innovation with all things related to window film and the window film industry.



The mounting solution used during the installation of your window film requires a period of time to dry-out.

Normal drying time takes about 60 – 90 days.

Water bubbles & a cloudy look often appear during the dry-out period. THIS IS NORMAL TO THE WINDOW FILM CURING PROCESS.

Cold and/or cloudy weather conditions can lengthen the dry-out time of a film, while warm weather and direct sunlight exposure will shorten the dry-out time.

If slow drying occurs, do not become alarmed, it is part of the natural curing process.


To obtain maximum service life from your window film, note the following instructions for proper care and maintenance.

DO NOT clean the film for 30 days after installation.

Do not use bristle brushes, abrasive scrubbing sponges, or any other cleaning materials that could scratch the film.

Do not use solutions that contain ammonia or abrasive materials. Common cleaning solutions such as Windex and other window cleaners may be safely used to clean your windows.


Providing a quality product means they also have a quality warranty. ASWF and NuVue have teamed up to make our warranty the best in the business.

ASWF warrants all solar control, safety, and designer window films when installed to the interior surface of appropriate glazing by a duly authorized professional installer against adhesive failure, peeling, cracking, crazing, blistering, delaminating and demetallizing.  NuVue will gladly cover any installation defects. In the event of product failure, ASWF and Nu Vue agree to replace any section of defective ASWF solar and security film at no cost to the consumer*

For more information, please speak to your window tint expert prior to installation.


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