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Add Energy-Efficient Window Tinting to Your Home


There’s nothing quite like a beautiful window in a home, with natural light pouring into the room and if you’re lucky, a beautiful view on the other side of the glass. Sure, a home filled with multiple windows is beautiful, but that beauty isn’t the best insulator when it comes to the elements outside.

At NuVue Window Tint & Graphics, we specialize in residential and commercial window tinting. Our business is not automotive tinting, our family-owned and operated business is trained in residential window tinting, along with commercial needs as well.

Protect Your Home and Wallet with Window Tinting

Before winter hits West Michigan, prepare your home and yourself, by weatherizing your home. It’s no surprise that glass alone is not efficient enough to fully insulate your home. By taking the next step in weatherproofing, you’re not only saving money on energy bills, but making the investment can make your home more energy efficient.

According to The US Department of Energy, window film and tinting is a “top-tier technology” for energy conservation. If that wasn’t enough, the investment has one of the fastest paybacks at just three years.

Why Window Tinting?

Did you know that about 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows alone? According to the US Department of Energy, not only does window tinting help with loss of energy, but it regulates temperatures in both the winter and summer months (On the flipside, 76% of sunlight that falls on standard double-pane windows enters to become heat during warmer months.)

For many residential homes, replacing the windows isn’t necessary or is too expensive of an investment to make at this time. A more cost-effective way is to invest in tinting. At NuVue Window Tint & Graphics we have experience in both solar window film and heat control window film.

Additional Benefits of Window Tinting

Saving money, more aesthetically pleasing and the ability to earn rebates, is there really any other convincing you need to take the next step in securing your home before winter?

Other Benefits Include:

  • Energy savings and qualifying for rebates from the energy company

  • Controls amount of natural light and glare coming into the home

  • Winter weather control

  • Improves overall aesthetic

  • Privacy with darker tinting options

  • Positive environmental impact

Want to know more about tinting, saving money and modernizing your home? Contact the professionals at NuVue Window Tint & Graphics. We can help you find the best option for your home, preparing you for the best Michigan winter yet!


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